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Air Video HD

Introducing the all-new Air Video

Watch videos streamed instantly from your computer on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Apple TV.

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No need to worry about converting or transferring files.

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about air скачать the App Store Air Video Server HD requires OS X 10.8+Windows XP SP3+.

Also available for Windows.Also available for Mac.

We took everything that was great about Air Video and then re-thought and re-engineered it.

Air Video HD about air скачать dozens of features and improvements, making it the best and most reliable streaming video app for iOS.

Universal App

A single purchase of Air Video HD lets you install the app on your iPhones, iPads and iPod touches.

Mac & Windows

Share folders from both your Mac or your Windows PC and access the movies on your iOS device.

New Offline Mode

Download any video in your library to your device with just one tap for playback without network access.

New A state of the art streaming pipeline

Videos stream faster and more reliably than ever before, with flawless support for H.264 passthrough, full 1080p HD, soft subtitles and 5.1 surround sound through Apple TV.

New A beautiful user interface

An all-new look and feel, icon and playback UI designed from the ground up, along with new features such as minimized playback, a new grid mode & improved landscape support.

New User Accounts

Support for multiple users/profiles with secure access over internet.


Use AirPlay to send streaming video to a compatible Apple TV.

Adjustable Playback

Our defaults are spot-on, but all playback settings are adjustable.

Air About air скачать HD is major reimagining of how a streaming video app about air скачать work.

about air скачать

All about air скачать new features and more make this the biggest advancement since Air Video first appeared in the App Store in 2009.

  • Visual browsing on larger screens with new 'grid' mode for iPad.
  • Minimize playback to continue browsing without stopping video.
  • Search folders to quickly find the video you’re looking for.
  • Inline indicators to show the playback status of your videos.
  • Playback history for quick access to previous and unfinished videos.
  • Connect to your server over the internet using Wifi or data.
  • All streaming traffic outside your network is encrypted.
  • Synchronise settings and playback history across multiple devices.
Knowledge Base

Find out more information about Air Video, tutorials about using the app and get answers to common questions.

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Looking for the old Air Video?

The previous version of Air Video is still available about air скачать download in the App Store for those running older iOS software versions.

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