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    This product, when installed as indicated in the instructions contained in this manual, meets FCC микросхема yg2025 аналог.

    Modifications not expressly approved by Yamaha may void your authority, granted by the FCC, to use the product. 2. IMPORTANT: When connecting this product to accessories and/or another product use only high quality shielded cables.

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    The front panel .4 The rear panel .5 Memory areas .6 How микросхема yg2025 аналог memories are arranged in the YDG2030 .6 Recalling an equalization setting .6 Storing an equalization setting .6 A note on software protection .6 Using the display .7 The [DISPLAY] key .7.

  • Page 4: Congratulations

    As well as a stereo 30 band graphic equalizer, YDG2030 Digital Graphic Equalizer has a high and low pass filter, and 4 notch filters which can be used to selectively “knock out” specific frequencies.Furthermore, the unit can operate at either 6 or 12dB cut/boost.

  • Page 5: Precautions

    If the battery voltage falls below a certain level, a “***WARNING*** LOW BATTERY” message will appear on the screen when the power is turned on.

    If this occurs, have the battery replaced by at a микросхема yg2025 аналог Yamaha service center. Do not attempt to replace the микросхема yg2025 аналог yourself!

    микросхема yg2025 аналог

    Cautions 1.

  • Page 6: The Front Panel

    INPUT LEVEL – two concentric rotary controls (inner control is left channel) to adjust the level of the signal fed into the YDG2030. Level meters – L and R. These meters come after the A-D convertors in the signal chain. A “CLIP”.

  • Page 7: The Rear Panel

    Level switches – both the input микросхема yg2025 аналог output connectors may be set to nominal levels of +4dB микросхема yg2025 аналог -20dB.

    When connecting other equipment, refer to the specifications of the other units to match the signal levels correctly. OUTPUT MIDI -20dB +4dB 5 – The rear panel INPUT -20dB +4dB YDG2030.

  • Page 8: Memory Areas, How The Memories Are Arranged In The Ydg2030, Recalling An Equalization Setting

    6 – Memory areas Memory areas How the memories are arranged in the YDG2030 The unit contains 40 memory areas which contain equalization settings, all of which are user-programmable.

    This allows you to микросхема yg2025 аналог up and store frequently-used equalization set- tings which you can recall at any time.

  • Page 9: Using The Display, The [display] Key, The [l/<] And [r/>] Keys, Linking Channels

    Using the display The [DISPLAY]key Using the large LCD screen, your YDG2030 has several different ways of displaying set- tings, and being able to edit them. These different modes are accessed with the [DISPLAY] key, as shown: Press the [DISPLAY] key to change from one display to the next.

  • Page 10: The Notch Filter, And Hpf And Lpf Indicators

    Put more simply, if you wish to toggle a notch or filter on/off that is already selected, while in an equalizer, sweep микросхема yg2025 аналог notch screen, just press the selector once.

    If it’s not selected, press the selector twice. YDG2030.

  • Page 11: Utilities, System Микросхема yg2025 аналог, Title Edit

    Use the F encoder to select a character (0-9, A-Z, a-z + punctuation) and the [L/<] and [R/>] keys as cursor keys to determine which character will be edited.

    микросхема yg2025 аналог

    Use the [STORE] key as an easy way to enter a space. 9 – Utilities Y-485 COMM. I/O YDG2030.

  • Page 12: Bulk Dump, Y-485 Network

    NOTE You can dump this data over MIDI to a MIDI data filer device (including a personal com- puter), or over the Y-485 network to a computer connected through the YAMAHA IFU485 interface. There is no need to set the unit into any special receive mode to receive bulk dump data from an external device.

  • Page 13: Y-485 Comm.

    I/o, Parameter Copy, Software Protect

    MIDI or Y-485. You will not be able to store or copy any new or edited equalization settings if protection is ON. “ERR ** NOW PROTECT” will appear on the screen if you try to store data while protection is ON. YDG2030.

  • Page 14: Midi Control, Delay Display

    The currently-selected Program Change bank is also applicable when a Y-485 Program Change is received.

    DELAY DISPLAY YDG2030 There are four “banks” of Program Change tables available – A through D. Use the [L/<] and [R/>] keys to select which bank will be edited.

  • Page 15: Tutorial, Finding A Suitable Memory Area In Which To Store The Setting

    TUTORIAL In this section микросхема yg2025 аналог will go over the setting микросхема yg2025 аналог of the YDG2030, from the graphic equalizer and the filters, to the delay and input attenuation.

    The information is presented as a tutorial— from it, you should be able to микросхема yg2025 аналог up the techniques necessary to make settings for any sit- uation.

  • Page микросхема yg2025 аналог Linking Микросхема yg2025 аналог L And R Channels, Making Graphic Equalizer Settings

    (unless you want to)— all settings can be displayed in traditional graphic equalizer format on the screen.

    The YDG2030 has 30 bands per channel, each settable to ±12 or ±6dB (depending on the mode), dB steps.

  • Page 17: Using The Sweep Function, Example I: Eliminating Feedback

    When the sweep screen is exited, the last setting you made is remembered.

    The two examples given are suggestions of how the YDG2030 can be used. You may, of course, adapt your own methods of using graphic equalizers to working with the YDG2030.

  • Page 18: Example Ii: "tuning" A Room, Using The Notch Filters, And The Hpf And Lpf

    Likewise, if a микросхема yg2025 аналог frequency seems to get lost, you can increase its gain.

    This process is simplified greatly with the YDG2030, as a preset gain or cut can be swept through the entire frequency range using the Микросхема yg2025 аналог rotary encoder.

  • Page 19

    For the notch filters, use the Q rotary encoder to alter the Q of the notch. The figure shown is adjustable from микросхема yg2025 аналог to 10.0 (10.0 is the narrowest).

    Of course, the HPF and LPF shelving filters do not take Q values. YDG2030.

  • Page 20: Setting Up The Input Level, Attenuation And Delay, I. Input Level Микросхема yg2025 аналог Input Attenuation

    The YDG2030 can delay signals by up to 714 milliseconds (242m, about 800ft). You can input this information either directly as milliseconds, or as a distance in feet or микросхема yg2025 аналог (set your preference in the “Utilities”).

  • Page 21: Specifications

    +4/–20dBm (switchable) +24dBm (switch at +4dB) 150Ω 20-bit linear 20-bit linear 44.1kHz 40 (all user-programmable) Program Change messages select memory areas 120V/60Hz 230V/50Hz 240V/50Hz 480 x 335 x 45 (18.9 x 13.2 x 1.8) (19” 1U rackmount) 4.6 (10.1) YDG2030.

  • Page 22: Midi Implementation Chart

    MIDI Implementation Chart MIDI Implementation Chart / Tableau d'implantation MIDI / MIDI-Implementation-Chart.

  • Page 23: User Programs

    66 – Микросхема yg2025 аналог programs / Programmes utilisateur / User-Programme – User programs / Programmes utilisateur / User-Programme Unit number: ________ Programmer: _____________ Backed up to: ________ Date: ______ Memo- Program name: ry area YDG2030 Date: Comments:.

  • Page 24: Program Change Table

    67 – Program change table / Tableau de changement de programme / Program-Change-Tabelle – Program change table / Tableau de changement микросхема yg2025 аналог programme / Program-Change-Tabelle Unit number: ________ Bank: ________ Backed up to: ____________ Date: ________ Received Selects: Received Selects: Received Selects: Received Selects: YDG2030.

  • Page 25: Block Diagram

    68 – Block diagram / Schéma de principe / Blockdiagramm – Block diagram / Schéma de principe / Blockdiagramm YDG2030.

  • Page 26: Dimensions

    Toutes les mesures sont données en millimètres (pouces).

    Précision d’ Alle Maße in mm (Zoll). Zoll-Angaben mit einer Genauigkeit von 69 – Dimensions / Abmessungen – 440 (17 ") 480 (18 ") 348 (13 ") ”. pour les valeurs en pouces. ”. YDG2030.

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    VQ95490 R4 1 CR 72 Pro Audio & Микросхема yg2025 аналог Musical Instrument Division 00 01 500 CR Printed in Japan Микросхема yg2025 аналог.

    Box 3, Hamamatsu, 430-8651, Japan.

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